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About Werner Lach

Werner Lach is an audio-visual storyteller who shows clients how to picture the tales that they need to tell. He manages everything from onsite shooting to editing and finishing.

Twenty years of experience in international motion pictures & broadcast TV including “Big Brother” means that Werner knows how best to realize a vision.

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Big Brother Brazil, Globo TV 2002 - 2008

Five years as TV Director & Vision Mixer in charge of the live feed for the world’s second-largest commercial TV network, Globo TV.
Drama, soap operas, short series - he’s done it all.

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The Ten Commandments, Record TV 2016

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"I moved my family to Adelaide in 2019 and we couldn't be happier", says Werner.

"On top of being one of the most livable cities in the world, Adelaide has amazing features when it comes to video and film shooting."

"Working as a volunteer in Channel 44 is my way to give back and build a relationship with our local

National Volunteers Week Parade, Adelaide - Channel44 - 2021


"My mind works almost exclusively in pictures"

"I can see the people, the settings, the budget and even the end product before, during and after the shoot"


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