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Stylishly presenting you and your business

as the expert in your industry.

Video Consultancy Production & Photography

Video Bundles

Our bundles are designed as a starting point. Later on, you can choose from our add ons list to make your production tailored specifically to match your objectives.

This way you'll be in control from the start and pay exactly what you need!

Bronze Bundle

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Silver Bundle


Gold Bundle


Our Porcess

6 hours onsite

3 locations


Unlimited statements

1 video up to 8 minutes duration


1 teaser up to 2 minutes

Slider/Gimbal included

3 point light kit

Delivery in 6 business days.

4 hours onsite

2 locations


2 statements


1 video up to 3 minutes duration

1 teaser up to 45 seconds

Delivery in 8 business days

1,5 hours onsite

1 location

1 statement or interview

1 video up to 2 minutes duration

Delivery in 10 business days

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Video Production

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Video is a powerful tool to get your customers attention


The key to effectively engaging with your audience is to convey your message using storytelling techniques. By showcasing your products and services in a clear and dynamic way, you catch your clients' attention while showing the solutions you provide - whether they may be services or products. 


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Take every opportunity to make a good impression!

Original photos contrast enormously with catalogue photos and send the right message to your audience.

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Get audio-visual support for your business. We have the technical skills, plus 20-years' experience in various market segments. A storyteller consultant service will be more cost-efficient than a production house or a marketing company, as it is much more streamlined.

Get a quote from us today!

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Live Streaming is a powerful and convenient tool to ease the effects of distances between people. There are numerous benefits at a cost-effective rate.

Client's testemonials

"Werner's vision & skill had us completely relaxed that we were in the best hands possible! I won't use anyone else for my photo or video marketing!"

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Jarrad Goulding

The Local Guys Services | Adelaide - SA

Lusalba Circle new.png
Luzalba Lucena

Assured Aesthetic Clinic | Adelaide - SA

Werner was incredible to work with! We highly recommend him. He was passionate and honest and went above and beyond to assure we got the best photos for our website. Extremely friendly and very professional.

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 10.54.14

Werner did an awesome photo shoot for our new website, would highly recommend his services

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Mark Borthwick.png
Mark Borthwick

Complete Gas & Hot Water | Adelaide - SA


Price Tag

How much for a video/photo?

Our fixed hourly rate is $150. Business video projects start at 15 hours and Photography start at 10 hours.

On the heat?

What if I need a video in 4 days?

Our processes were shaped by the market, therefore we are used

to strict deadlines.

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Fear of the lens

What if I don't want to speak on video? 

Sometimes a presenter is the best way to send your message across your audience.

Our Client's

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Check what our clients had to say about our approach, skills and premium customer service.

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"So wonderful to work with

you @wernerlach."

Nikki Curnow

Adelaide Lash Supplies

"I'm an introvert by nature, and the thought of being in front of a camera was enough to create a panic feeling. Werner walked me through the process and started a casual conversation. When I realized, the camera was on and we were already shooting.

I finished the session feeling relaxed and confident about the result.

The final product surprised me, and the quality was beyond my expectations. I'm not an expert in video production, but I could see the quality of the image treatment. The final product was used as a teaser to invite people for an event in Adelaide and, after the video was launched, the event was booked out in 24 hours. I can not speak highly enough about Werner's work!"

Fernanda Fagundes

HR Professional

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 1.16.08 pm.png

Christine MacDonald, TQCSI

Werner was very professional, he made everyone feel at ease and understood what we wanted to achieve. We will definitely use Werner again in the future. We are extremely happy with the results.

Werner Lach is a wonderful digital video maker to work with. Down-to-earth personality, and very focused on the task at hand. I was impressed by how he handled a pressure situation especially, where one key piece of equipment (not his own) wasn't working for us, but he calmly found a solution. Highly recommended to work with.

Bill Mousoulis

Bill Mousoulis,

Critic / Filmmaker

viviane jundi.png

Viviane Jundi, Film Director

I've worked with Werner for a long time. He's a great professional and gets the job done with amazing quality. He is also a reliable person and nice to be working with.

This guy taught me so much about acting that every time I rehearse a scene I have to run it by him first. He has a sixth sense for how a scene should be for both the actor and the audience.
Very talented man!

tom Dubois.jpg

Tom Dubois, Theater Actor


Hamsa Wood, Soap Director

Werner is an excellent professional with enormous artistic sensitivity and impeccable technical skills. His contribution to my work as a director has always been fundamental.

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